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C95500 Aluminum Bronze

C95500 Aluminum Bronze - A special material with optimal structure and high load capacity. In particular, C95500 Aluminum Bronze has excellent resistance to heat abrasion - chemical corrosion & sea salt water. Discover now!

CuSn12-C EN 1982 CC484K Tin Bronze

CuSn12-C EN 1982 CC484K Tin Bronze with good wear resistance, corrosion and salt water resistant and has ability to increase stability and wear resistance along with good antifriction properties.

C17510-FH Beryllium Copper Alloy

C17510-FH Beryllium Copper Alloy - Beryllium copper alloy is quite unique for modern Industry: Mechanical - Resistance Welding - Electrical & Electrical Control.

BC3 Tin Bronze

BC3 CAC403 Tin Bronze With High Strength - Excellent Resistance to Friction & Abrasion - Chemical & Sea Water Corrosion. High Antioxidation & Electrical Conductivity.

CAC403 Tin Bronze

CAC403 Tin Bronze is in the Tin Bronze group, standard equivalent to Tin Bronze BC3 JIS & C90500 ASTM. Due to the combination of main metals including copper - tin, along with some auxiliary materials zinc, lead, nickel... impacting this alloy, CAC403 Tin Bronze has been created with outstanding mechanical properties. . CAC403 Tin Bronze has high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance by chemicals - sea water, can withstand large loads and impacts during work, especially this material has surface toughness - very high flexibility. With this characteristic, CAC403 Tin Bronze is suitable for making bushings, sliding bearings, washers - nuts, ship propeller blades and pump - valve parts, lifting and lowering hydraulic systems.

CAC406 Phosphor Bronze

CAC406 Phosphor Bronze is called Tin Bronze Alloy or Phosphor Bronze. CAC406 Phosphor Bronze contains main components including Copper - Tin - Zinc - Lead and has superior properties such as average hardness but very high durability, resistance to both chemical and mechanical corrosion. very good fit, especially very easy to machine and mold castings that require wonderfully complex details.

CAC703 Aluminum Bronze

CAC703 Aluminum Bronze is a high strength alloy, in many cases with the strength of steel plus superior corrosion resistance. These highly flexible alloys yield outstanding wear and galling resistance. Heat treatment further increases its seawater corrosion properties therefore it is widely used in marine applications. A Japanese continuous cast complex, high strength nickel aluminium bronze. The alloy has excellent wear and anti-galling properties when running against stainless steels and most other grades of nickel and iron based alloys. It has also excellent corrosion/erosion/impingement resistance in flowing sea water up to 4.5m/sec and can used for boiler water handling systems. The alloy can tolerate high loads but is generally restricted to slow moving parts with good lubrication. The alloy can also be specified to BS1400 AB2, EN 1982-2008 CC333G and DIN 1714 CuAl10Ni W Nr 2.0975.04

CAC702 Aluminum Bronze

CAC702 Aluminum bronzes / ALBC2 / C95400 JIS Aluminum Nickel Copper Alloy are used for their combination of high strength, excellent corrosion and wear resistance with high resistance to oxidation and good strength at elevated temperatures. Aluminum bronze alloys are used in marine hardware, shafts, an pump and valve components for handling seawater, sour mine waters, non-oxidizing acids, and industrial process fluids. Th are also used in applications such as heavy duty sleeve bearings and machine tool ways. Aluminum bronze castings ha exceptional corrosion resistance, high strength, toughness, and wear resistance. Not to mention their good casting and welding characteristics.