BC6 JIS / C83600 / LG2

BC6 Leaded Gunmetal Bronze

BC6 JIS / C83600 / LG2

Thành Phần Vật Liệu

BC6 Leaded Gunmetal Bronze For Bushings, Sleeve Bushing, Gears, Pump & Valve Parts and Hydraulic Equipment Parts.
Copper (Cu) 84.0 ~ 86.0%
Tin (Sn) 4.0 ~ 6.0%
Lead (Pb) 4.0 ~ 6.0%
Zicum (Zn) 4.0 ~ 6.0%
Furrum (Fe) max. 0.30%
Nickel (Ni) max. 1%
Stibium (Sb) 0.0%
Phosphor (P) max. 0.050%
Sulfur (S) max. 0.08%
Alluminium (Al) max. 0.005%
Silic (Si) max. 0.005%
Tensile Strength(Mpa, min.) 245
0.5% Yield Strength(MPa, min.) 140
Elongation(min. %) 10
Hardness 65 HRB

Product detail

Đồng BC6 Dạng Tấm Đồng Hợp Kim BC6 Ống

Copper Alloy BC6 consists of main components of copper, tin, lead and zinc. The presence of the metallic element tin creates high mechanical properties and this addition has increased the cost of materials. For these reasons, the manufacturer scientifically calculates the appropriate percentage (%) of tin to apply in which working environment is most optimal, when high tin is needed and when low. According to each application and working environment of each equipment system, copper alloy marks appear with many different codes, giving us different standards to apply in the most effective and cost-optimized way. This BC6 Copper Alloy is the most typical one.

Đồng Hợp Kim Thiếc BC6 Jis Janpan

Copper Alloy BC6 (equivalent to C83600 / LG2) has an additional lead metal component, because this element has the effect of increasing machinability and pressure tightness extremely effectively. This is a very accurate calculation result with low material costs that can be widely applied in industrial applications, especially such as: shaft bearings, bearing bearings, guide bars, gears. , gearbox sprockets, screw shafts & worm gears, pump & valve parts, bushings, washers & gaskets, o-rings or processing structural materials in industry...
One of the outstanding advantages of BC6 copper alloy is often chosen to be used as bearings for machines operating in environments subject to high loads at low speeds in industry such as steel rolling machines, gears, and gears. Heavy duty gearbox sprockets, valve guides, hydraulic pistons and piston pins....

Đồng hợp kim thiếc BC6

BC6 Copper Alloy has very good corrosion resistance, so it is commonly used to process and manufacture ball bearings and bearings, working in places with high concentrated temperatures. However, it requires the operating shaft to have a higher hardness than Bronze Alloy BC6 and to be lubricated actively and regularly. In particular, alignment during installation needs to be accurate.

Đai Ốc Đồng BC6 JIS Đồng Hợp Kim Thiếc BC6

Currently, Kojako Vietnam Co., Ltd. specializes in distributing and supplying all kinds of BC6 Metal Copper Copper with all sizes, shapes, tubes, round bars, plates... If customers need to use it, Kojako will commit to Providing customers with reasonable prices and ready to cut into small pieces upon request. To find out more details, please contact the hotline or email directly to the 24/7 support department.

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