Phosphorour Bronze PB1 BS1400

Phosphor Bronze PB1 BS1400

Phosphorour Bronze PB1 BS1400

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Phosphor Bronze PB1 BS1400 For Shaft Bushings, Heavy Worn Gears, Valve - Pump Parts well.
Copper Cu 87 ~ 89.5
Tin Sn 10 ~ 11.5
Lead Pb max 0.25
Zinc Zn max 0.05
Nickel Ni max 0.10
Phosphor P max 1.0
Aluminium Al max 0.01
Iron Fe max 0.1
Antimony max 0.05
Sulphur max 0.05
Silicon max 0.01
Bismuth max 0.05
Tensile strength (N/mm2) 350
Proof strength (N/mm2) 170
Elongation % 4 ~ 6
Density (g/cmᶟ) Approx. 8.7
Hardness 110 BHN

Product detail

PB1 is a cast material containing 10-11.5% tin and small amounts of phosphorus. Phosphor Bronze PB1 has high mechanical strength and has good conductivity and wear resistance . Also, with excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance. Phosphor Bronze PB1 can be soldered and brazed.

• Hard wearing bronze containing a small amount of phosphorus

• High fatigue resistance

• High tin content reduces the risk of corrosion

• Phosphorus increases wear resistance

• Commonly used in manufacture of bearings, sleeves, thrust washers and gears

Đồng Hợp Kim Phosphor PB1 BS1400 Đồng Hợp Kim Phosphor PB1 BS1400

PB1 Phosphur bronze is a high strength allow suitable for machining, with common applications in high pressure contact working loads/speeds, it's characteristics promote its use in seawater applications for pump and valve components, additionally PB1 Bronze is resistant to impact loading.  PB1 is generally continuously cast or centrifugal cast (both of these manufacturing methods assure porosity free finishes). Assure when using this material good lubrication is provided to the bearing surface.

Phosphorous Bronze PB1 BS1400 Phosphorous Bronze PB1 BS1400

PB1 or Phosphor Bronze is an alloy comprised of Tin and Copper that has also had Phosphorus added to it during the casting process. The main benefits of Phosphor Bronze are that is has a good resistance to cold and corrosion, (approaching that of Aluminium Bronze) as well as both an excellent mechanical strength and high fatigue strength. PB1 is a single phase alloy that is suitable for cold working and has good corrosion resistance to sea water and brine make it well suited to for both pump and valve components. It is also suited for applications such as heavy load gears, worm wheels and bearings that have medium to high loads as well as speeds. Phosphor Bronze also has good resistance to impact loading and pounding. In order to use PB1 in these applications the metal must have good lubrication and alignment.

The material combines good ductility, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high mechanical strength. The alloy can be successfully soldered and brazed whilst offering good resistance to shock load though the performance of wrought grades is superior. PB1 finds typical use in heavy-load applications run at high speeds. The machinability rating of the alloy is good to fair.

ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFICATE