ASTM C95400 9C

C95400 Aluminum Bronze

ASTM C95400 9C

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C95400 Aluminum Bronze “9C” provides high tensile, yield strength, good ductility, weldability and machinability, excellent resistance to wear, fatigue and deformation under shock, load.
Copper (Cu) 83% min
Aluminum (Al) 10.5~11.5%
Ferrum (Fe) 3.0~5.0%
Nickel (Ni) 1.5% max (+Co)
Manganum (Mn) 0.50% max
0.2% Proof Stress(N/㎟) 205 min
Tensile Strength(Mpa, min.) 515 min
Elongation(min. %) 13 min
Hardness min. 140 HBW

Product detail

Aluminum Bronze C95400 is well known for friction related applications while the Aluminum Copper or Nickel Aluminum Alloys group. They provide unique, impressive corrosion properties according to the requirements of pumps, propellers, valves and especially in seawater corrosion resistant applications. That characteristic makes C95400 Aluminum Alloy Copper the preferred solution for all marine related applications preferred by manufacturers.

Đồng hợp kim nhôm C954500Aluminum Bronze C95400 is an alloy of family consisting of copper, aluminum, nickel, iron and manganese. Each Odd individual software can be easily adjusted to improve the level, corrosion resistance and or machining capabilities. These combinations allow for a set of single owners in multiple application machines, ships, valves, sprockets ... Specifically:

• High
• Excellent abrasion and toughness
• Density (5% lighter)
• No sparking
• Low validation (<1.03µ in selected classes)
• High corrosion resistance
• Good application corrosion properties
• Good frozen especially
• High real anti-coating ability
• High biological resistance
Đồng Nhôm
Aluminum Bronze
With its very property of protecting the oxide surface, having the ability to repair, it outlasts applied coatings in length. Aluminium Bronze C95400 according to various international standards (EN 1982, ASTM B148, BS…), each specific property gives us excellent application because of its optimal corrosion protection:
• Additional handling temperature / temp at 675 ° C for a six-hour clock.
• Salt must be less than Al% <(8.2 + Ni / 2)

Đồng Hợp Kim Nhôm

Aluminium Bronze

Basically, some design engineers sometimes lack data, considering low-grade metallurgical copper contracts as not widely available in university courses and often overshadowed by alloys. metals that are not being exploited are used more. But practically speaking, it was a flaw in the design application. By metal doing from the clock is high-end Rated in rated facilities by cooperating metal facilities requiring a good level of corrosion resistance. Although this does not represent the overall picture, it is an important element in the design criterion that Aluminum Bronze C95400 predominantly applies in the Oil & Gas - Marine industry.


ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFICATE