ASTM C95500

C95500 - Aluminium Bronze

ASTM C95500

Thành Phần Vật Liệu

Copper (%Cu, min) 78.0
Alluminium (%Al) 10.0~11.5
Furrum (%Fe) 3.0~5.0
Nickel (%Ni) 3.0~5.5
Manganum (%Mn) 3.5 max.
Tensile Strength (Mpa, min.) 515
Elongation(min. %) 06
Hardness (HBW, min) 190

Product detail

Aluminum bronze C95500 is an in the group of aluminum aluminum alloy combined with the nickel composition to create the highest alloy. This aluminum alloy alloy can be used for energy, compressive strength, high hardness and very suitable elongation. Furthermore, it is a good bearing material for applications in heavy industry, high wear and impact resistance. This is an the option is perfect for the house make up by the computer of the feature, the trustity and high energy.
Aluminum bronze C95500 is heat-treated according to a managed process to achieve realistic results, because of its resistance to corrosion, abrasion, heat, machinability and weldability. The mechanical properties are very high through the heat treatment system, which is used for the machining of bearings and drives, gears and parts working in highly corrosive, abrasive environments. chemically high.
Aluminum bronze C95500 is used, application elements in the marine and aviation sectors, possible tools such as machine parts, machine parts, aircraft parts and military applications. This metal alloy material, defined only for bearing parts in aircraft landing gear, naval ship propellers, pump shafts, gears ... Aluminum bronze C95500 can be castét by continuous method (continuous casting), centrifugal casting (centrifugal casting). However, Aluminum bronze C95500 can be substituted for C63000 on the AMS 4640.
Aluminum bronze C95500 with chemical-physical, fabrication and heat-treatment properties are all shown specific information on the title for reference and represent approximate, reasonable and suitable values ​​for work. the general use of techniques. Due to the maximum amount of money required to make products, to be good or to make, it can be changed compared with the amount of money - weight. However, the components always exist in the wrong separator as specified by ASTM, JIS or EN ... in a specified way.
Aluminum bronze C95500 can be using for:
- Pump bearings, pit, valve, coal ...
- Sliders,  guide bars… in all the industrial machines
- Parts for aviation, marine and military lifting equipment
- Ship and pump impellers, worn gears...
- Brackets and pads for heavy duty industrial machines and large water pumps.
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